For Poster Presenters

Preparing posters:

Poster presenters are requested to upload their poster through the link below by the deadline , October 27, 9:00 JST (UTC+9). The poster should be prepared as a single file in JPEG format, with the file size within 10 MB. (Due to the system requirements, we can accept only JPEG formats.) Please make sure that the resolution is sufficient so that details of the poster are clearly visible. The poster should include the poster number (such as E-PS-1-01), title, and author names at the top. For the poster layout, we recommend a landscape (horizontal) orientation rather than a portrait (vertical) one. During the conference period, participants can view the poster anytime by clicking the link on the program and write in questions.


Poster presenters can also upload a presentation video as well as the poster. The acceptable formats include .mp4/ .mov/ .avi/ .wmv. The file size should be less than 1GB, with the recommended length of 10-15 min. During the conference period, participants can view the video anytime by clicking the link on the program.

Poster sessions:

Poster sessions will be held using "Remo" as the platform. During the session time, each poster will be allotted a table, where the presenter will find their poster to be pasted on the whiteboard. The presenter can explain his/her work using this poster to participants who visited his/her table. If the presenter wants to show figures that are not included in the poster, he/she can also show other presentation files by screen sharing. A quick guide to poster sessions is available on the top page of the online program.

Uploading a poster and a video:

Click Go to Poster Upload  or
Go to Video Upload  below, enter your Presentation No. and Email Address, then upload a file by October 27, 9:00 am JST (UTC+9)

Presentation No.: Your Poster No. (e.g. E-PS-9-01, M-PS-8-03)
Email Address: Your registered email address

Your Poster No. is indicated in the mail titled “[EP2DS-24/MSS-20] Links and Deadline for Uploading Poster & Video”

Please make sure that your poster and video files are appropriately prepared according to the required specifications described in Preparing posters and Video above.

Please note that the above deadline is strict (i.e., with no extension). The upload site will be closed immediately after the deadline. Upload before the deadline is mandatory to ensure your file(s) to be linked to the online conference program. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding.

Go to Poster Upload


  • 1 file per one presenter
  • Format: JPEG only
  • File size:within 10 MB
  • Landscape (horizontal) orientation recommended
  • Include poster number, title, and author names
Go to Video Upload


  • 1 file per one presenter
  • Format: .mp4/ .mov/ .avi/ .wmv.
  • File size:less than 1GB
  • Recommended Length:10-15 min.