For Oral Presenters

Oral sessions will be held using Zoom as the platform.
Please install the latest version of the Zoom app (free) on your computer in advance.

The total presentation time including discussions is 45 minutes for plenary talks, 35 minutes for special session talks on 2D materials and spin qubits, 30 minutes for invited talks, and 15 minutes for contributed talks. Each presenter is kindly asked to test the connection, microphone, camera, and screen sharing during the break just before the session.

The bell will ring at the following timings.

meaning Plenary Talk
(45 min.)
Special Session Talk
(35 min.)
Invited Talk
(30 min.)
Contributed Talk
(15 min.)
1st Bell
(rings once)
telling remaining time 35 min. 25 min. 20 min. 10 min.
2nd Bell
(rings twice)
end of talk 40 min. 30 min. 25 min. 12 min.
3rd Bell
(rings three times)
end of discussion 45 min. 35 min. 30 min. 15 min.
After 3rd Bell must wrap up Bell rings three times every minute

A quick manual for oral presentations is now available on the top page of the online program.

A variety of wallpapers for conference participants are available here.

Please note that each oral presentation including discussions will be recorded so that participants in different time zones can see it in a video. The video is open to registered participants only and is accessible till November 30. If you prefer your presentation not to be recorded, please inform the secretariat of it.