Conference History

Joint Conference

The two series of conferences have served as the stages for finding and exploring important novel concepts in physics and technologies such as superlattices, the Wigner lattice, the quantum Hall effects, quantum wires and dots, spintronics, the BECs of complex particles, graphene physics and devices, and topological phases.

The first “joining” of the two conferences occurred in 1985 for EP2DS-6 and MSS-2 in Kyoto, Japan. Tsuneya Ando (Chair of EP2DS) and Hiroyuki Sakaki (that of MSS) decided to hold the two conferences in parallel at the same location. The participants could freely come and go between the two. This form was reenacted in Nara, Japan, in 1991, again in Nara, 2003, and has been followed from then on.

The joint conference series is now established as a major event in the research fields of modulated semiconductors and low-dimensional electron systems.

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